Word Clock using jQuery

jQuery Word Clock
jQuery Word Clock

Sometime back in 2012 or 2013, I stumbled upon this site.  As you will see, it displays the current time but in a rather creative manner. Note that this “word clock” is built on Flash.

I thought it would be cool to create it in jQuery just as an exercise. So I started on it and it took just about under one hour to come up with a similar word clock built on jQuery. Here is the link for it. Go ahead and check the time.

When I created it, I wanted to make a blog post for explaining its code but was too lazy at that time. I still am. You can expect to see a blog post explaining it in detail this month this time though. Meanwhile, you can do the digging yourselves. It is just JavaScript after all. Just view source or use Chrome inspector or Firebug.

My funny mail collection

Some time ago, just for fun I started to collect all funny and crazy mails that friends sent to me. Later I thought of putting them into a single place. I sat down to code and in a couple of hours created  http://www.vijayjoshi.org/humour/.

This page displays all the content that I have collected till now with the name of friend who sent it to me. (Some of them are insisting me to remove their names (read Bhuwanesh) which I will not do 😉 . I keep on updating it as I get new mails from friends.
Click on the story title to see the contents.
Yesterday I added one more feature to it. Now you can comment on individual stories as well. So please add your funny/crazy comments. Planning to add a recaptcha to comments soon as there will be lots of spam too.

Also, I request all of you reading this to send lots of crazy stuff to be included in the collection.