toanswer : Just another twitter mashup ???

The popularity of any web application that provides an API can be judged by the number of mashups available for it. Twitter is no exception and recently we have seen a significant number of mashups available for twitter.
twittervision ,twitterspy, twittermap, twubble are some of the popular ones. Besides there are many desktop mashups also.

toanswer is the latest addition to this list. Created by Chuck Harmston, it can be seen as integration of twitter and Yahoo answers/Ask.

The concept behind toanswer is simple : users ask questions on twitter and they get answers to these questions on a dedicated place i.e. toanswer.

Seeing the potential number of users who ask questions on twitter, no wonder if toanswer becomes a success.

toanswer uses the twitter API, collects the questions asked,their respective answers, indexes them and shows them on toanswer. Basically it works like this-
Assuming you are a twitter user, you just  have to follow 2 users toask and toanswer and you are ready to use toanswer. If you want to ask a question you send an update to twitter as

If you want to answer any question that is on toanswer you reply in a format like this

Note the questionid. It is required in order to associate your answer with the correct question.

As twitter is limited to 140 character updates, this can be used to take advice from users rather then answers.

Php array functions

As you know php has a large array of array functions.While some of these are used frequently, some are lesser known but even they can be very useful in certain situations.We will analyze 4 such functions and see how they can be useful.
The functions we will be exploring are range,list,compact and extract

1- range

range takes min & max as 2 parameters and returns an array of variables from min to max.


A third optional parameter is step.It was introduced in php5.


Note that when min is greater then max,the results are also in reverse order.
Does range works only for numbers? Of course not. You can use it with alphabets too.


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Internet Explorer innerHTML problem while adding rows in table with javascript

If you are a web developer and work with js/AJAX, surely you would have faced a situation like this.
I had a table in a page. What i had to do was create rows in javascript and set the innerhtml of table to the rows created. Something like this-

Of course assuming myTable is the table element available in the page.

I prefer innerHTML over DOM functions as they are faster on all browsers and platforms.

Anyway, I checked above code and found that it worked perfectly in all browsers (firefox, opera …) except IE (
No error and nothing, my table was still empty.
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DIT guys meet

Well, tomorrow is Sunday, 27th July and I am eagerly waiting to for it. The reason being DIT (that was my college) guys meet.

It all started on July 11th. Thanks to Sandy. He initiated the thread saying that It has been a long time JAB WE MET, and sent it to all addresses that were available to him. From that date onwards it has been an active thread with most of the fellows contributing to it. Even people who are not in Delhi/NCR are very keen for this type of meet. Mails have been pouring in with preferences of place and time. Finally it was decided that we are meeting on Sunday 27th July.

Mutually we selected NOIDA as the meeting place. I will be there by 12Noon. Sandy says he will reach even earlier – 11:30. [Surely some birdwatching 😉 ]

Hope most of the folks come. It will definitely be a nostalgic moment. I haven’t met most of them since 2006, the time we left college…

Watchout this place on monday as I will be posting the pics and videos of the meet. As of now, its time to celebrate the weekend.