Bookmarklet For TinyURL and Flickr Search

Bookmarklets have become common over the internet nowadays. They are helpful too. Bookmarklets are like small tools for specific purposes.

They are relatively new things for me. But I found them pretty useful.

Wiktionary defines bookmarklets as “A small piece of JavaScript code stored as a URL within a bookmark.”
Users can drag this piece of code onto their browser toolbars. After that bookmarklet is ready to use. Just click on it from the toolbar when you are on a webpage.

Bookmarklets are supposed to do one click functions. I thought why not create some. Though I created several to experiment, only 2 of those are worth sharing(At least I think so). Others perform weird functions like disabling css of a page, making all images on the page invisible etc etc. If you want code for these also, just drop a message below.

Here is the first one that searches flickr for any term you select on any web page. If you do not select any text, it will prompt you for keyword.(Nonsense??? I know that). Slight modification can make it google search or dictionary search or whatever search you wish.

Search Flickr

The second one is slightly more useful.
Just click it and it will create tinyURL of that page you are visiting. You can then post it to twitter or share with friends(Cool, isn’t it).

Create TinyURL

Why wait now, Drag these to your browsers toolbar and have fun.

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My funny mail collection

Some time ago, just for fun I started to collect all funny and crazy mails that friends sent to me. Later I thought of putting them into a single place. I sat down to code and in a couple of hours created

This page displays all the content that I have collected till now with the name of friend who sent it to me. (Some of them are insisting me to remove their names (read Bhuwanesh) which I will not do 😉 . I keep on updating it as I get new mails from friends.
Click on the story title to see the contents.
Yesterday I added one more feature to it. Now you can comment on individual stories as well. So please add your funny/crazy comments. Planning to add a recaptcha to comments soon as there will be lots of spam too.

Also, I request all of you reading this to send lots of crazy stuff to be included in the collection.

Creating a countdown timer in javascript

On one of the projects I am working upon currently, we needed a countdown timer in JavaScript. User had to fill in a form and we wanted to restrict that time to 5 minutes and simultaneously show him how many minutes/seconds are left now. After the set time limit is crossed user is informed that a timeout has occurred.

Here is the code for timer(call it timer.js):

To start the timer put these lines after you have included the timer.js

On the markup side create an element with id=container

init function accepts 3 parameters : minutes, seconds and the id of html element where the countdown will be displayed.
You will also need a function which will run after the timer’s execution has completed. For this purpose there is the function timerComplete included in the timer.js file. Write any code here that you would like to execute after timer has terminated (like redirect the user).
Also make sure that you have an html element with id set to container on your html page.
Above timer will do a countdown for 55 seconds. After 55 seconds, function timerComplete will be executed.
You can see a demo here and if you wish you can also view page source code for javascript code.

Download timer.js from this link

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What will happen to your online life after you die?

Its off topic but the concept is so great I could not resist blogging it. A traditional business model implemented over the web in these Web2.0 times which is sure to succeed.

Before you die or any unfortunate incident occurs in your life, you make sure that all your assets, property goes into right hands. To take care of it, you make a will and assign a beneficiary to pass your assets to the correct person. Now try mapping it with the web. You have an online life. Don’t you? You exist on Gmail, Hotmail, FaceBook, Twitter and numerous other services. You have some personal pictures stored on flickr, some lovely mails on your Yahoo or Gmail account which you would not want to go into any other hands. Ever wondered what will happen to your all these accounts in case you die or something happens to you?

Here comes Legacy Locker. Legacy Locker is a service that will store your credentials to mail services, social networks and other important services on the web and will pass them to a caretaker chosen by you in event of your death. It is kind of protecting your online life after death.

The service is not available yet and will be opening in April 2009. Of course there will be money charged for the service .The pricing is kept at $300 which can be paid as one time fee of $300 or yearly payments of $30.

The list of sites/networks that Legacy Locker has already covered is impressive. The list already includes Gmail, Flickr, Facebook, Paypal, Yahoo! Mail, Ebay, iTunes, ING, Snapfish, YouTube, AOL, Amazon, Kodak Gallery, WordPress, GoDaddy, Hotmail, Netflix, Blogger, LinkedIn, Photobucket, 12seconds,, Friendster, TypePad, Party Poker, Mint, Twitter and many other sites.

The service seems to be useful. Let’s see how many users consider it for managing their online identities after death.

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Celebrate Pi Day

Pi fans will be celebrating Pi Day all over the world on 14th March. As you already know Pi is a mathamatical constant. Its value is the ratio of any circle’s circumference to its diameter
Today at 1:59 date time will read 3 14 1 59 which is the value of Pi upto 5 decimal places i.e 3.14159. It is observed by the majority of people at 1:59pm though some celebrate at 1:59am too.

Official website for Pi Day –