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I am Vijay Joshi, web developer, blogger and tech author from New Delhi, India. This blog is an online playground for my experiences, findings and some occasional rants on web development. You will find here ready to use code snippets for day to day problems in PHP, MySql, AJAX/JavaScript/jQuery.

In the web development world, I am :

I use PHP as primary language on server side, MySQL as database, jQuery/vanilla JavaScript on browser.
Here are the tools that I work with almost daily.

  • Angular JS
  • jQuery/JavaScript
  • PHP
  • MySql – PDO
  • Laravel framework
  • WordPress
  • JSON

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2 thoughts on “About Vijay Joshi”

  1. Hey Vijay,

    Thanks for your help writing the php renaming script. Being able to pull the name from between the h1’s within the file and rename the .html file under the new name was absolutely brilliant. I was able to blow through 1000 files every 2 minutes, and with 60,000 files to rename, you saved me countless hours of trying to make this happen in some other manner.

    You ROCK!

    Michael Pitzer

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