Collection of 10 top 10 lists about web development

I am a regular reader of web development articles and in this process bookmark a lot of them. Out of that collection I present to you a list of 10 articles which themselves are lists of 10(tips, functions etc). Not all of them are top 10 πŸ˜‰ but equally good. All these articles are related to php, javascript, html, mysql and web development in general.

1- 10 code snippets for PHP developers

Simple and handy functions for common tasks like validating email address and XSL transformation.


2- 10 Advanced PHP Tips Revisited

Detailed and excellent tips from famous PHP gurus Chris Shiflett and Sean Coates.


3- Top 10 PHP frameworks

PHP frameworks are quite popular among developers these days. This site is dedicated to php frameworks alone. In this article all frameworks have been compared for features. Very useful to help you in decision making if you are planning to use a framework for your next project.


4- Top 10 custom JavaScript functions of all time

This is my favorite one. These 10 functions are a must in every web developer’s toolbox. Functions like getElementsByClass, toggle and cookie functions are included.


5- 10 JavaScript Quick Tips and Best Practices

Another good article on javascript best practices.


6- Top 10 Firefox Addons For Web Developers

Who hasn’t heard of Firebug or GreaseMonkey. This article lists similar addons for firefox that are a great help in web development.


7- 10 Ways to Improve Your Web Page Performance

From the article:

This article primarily focuses on front-end performance since it’s the easiest to work on and provides you the most bang for your buck.


8- 10 Dirty Little Web Development Tricks

Simple tips to help you in web development.


9- 10 Rare HTML Tags You Really Should Know

List of 10 html tags that are not used frequently. Check them out. It is possible that you have not heard about some of them.


10- 10 Useful articles about Database design

From the article:

The list includes some tips to define relationships-entities model, common database design mistakes, database normalization, how to use PHP and SQL to create tables and relationships and a correct approach to define relationships between tables.

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