Another flaw in IE : 10,000 sites compromised

In my previous post I discussed about the security flaws and other shortcomings in IE. Incidentally, the same day a news article appeared on BBC News which reported about a new security vulnerability found in IE7. ( Thanks to Jyotsna for passing this news).

The article describes about a new security hole found in IE7 exploiting which hackers can steal the passwords of users. In my opinion this is not a new news. Many more problems were already there with IE6. It is when users come across such a problem, MS people, in haste, prepare a patch and fix it.

Since this new flaw has been found, 2 million users have been attacked and 10,000 websites has been compromised.

Although Microsoft released a patch for the same on the very next day,17th Dec, it will be a mammoth task to reinstall the trust of users, given the number of safer and better browsers available.

Still thinking IE users? Its time to switch now to safer, faster and better. I said earlier too, there are too many options. Choose whatever suits you.

Personally , I will say : Get Firefox

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Read the full article on BBC News

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