Word Clock using jQuery

jQuery Word Clock
jQuery Word Clock

Sometime back in 2012 or 2013, I stumbled upon this site.  As you will see, it displays the current time but in a rather creative manner. Note that this “word clock” is built on Flash.

I thought it would be cool to create it in jQuery just as an exercise. So I started on it and it took just about under one hour to come up with a similar word clock built on jQuery. Here is the link for it. Go ahead and check the time.

When I created it, I wanted to make a blog post for explaining its code but was too lazy at that time. I still am. You can expect to see a blog post explaining it in detail this month this time though. Meanwhile, you can do the digging yourselves. It is just JavaScript after all. Just view source or use Chrome inspector or Firebug.

Magento http upload error due to 401 authorization

Magento 401 unauthorized

If you want to ignore my blabber and just want the solution, go to the bottom of post and read the TL;DR.

This is a really strange thing to happen. I am working on a Magento project and for some testing I had to upload some images for a product. Nothing new.

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FAQ: Mysql error – Too many connections


This is not a frequent error but can arise in situations if the number of mysql connections exceeds the Mysql max_connections configuration value.

To quote from MySQL site,

If you get a Too many connections error when you try to connect to the mysqld server, this means that all available connections are in use by other clients.

I also faced this situation and tried several solution but to no avail. Finally what worked was the command mentioned below.


Try this only if nothing else works.

FAQ: Mysql import and export database from command line


Import a Mysql file to a database

Hit enter after entering above command in your terminal. You will be asked for MySql password. Note that mentioned database must be already available in mysql.

Export a Mysql database to sql file

To export your mysql database to a sql file use the following command:

Hit enter and a sql file will be generated for you.


Quick Tip – TinyMCE : Use full url while inserting image


Problem:This is a common scenario. You are using tinyMCE in admin of a site to insert a link to image.  While displaying that image on frontend tinyMCE makes it relative path instead of absolute.
When setting up tinyMCE set these 2 configuration options:


Both these options are true by default. As the name implies, “remove_script_host” removes the protocol and host part of URLs. “relative_urls” must be set to false is you want to set “remove_script_host” to false.

TinyMCE documentation for relative_urls and remove_script_host.

Hope it helps.